Hello and welcome to Therapy Insiders. Dr. Gene ShirokobrodDr. Joe Palmer and Dr. Erson Religioso, provide your inside look into the world of physical therapy, rehabilitation, sports medicine, and clinical practice. You may be asking yourself…..”self, what insider information could I possibly want or need regarding therapy.” Well, very good question. There is a ton of information regarding treatment techniques, philosophies, and medicine. But how do you separate the fluff from useful relevant information?

Our mission is to gain inside(r) input and perspective on all the information floating around from the experts and then dissect it…figuratively.  We will present each of these topics and more in an objective way, and then pick them apart to get to the core of what is useful in the clinical setting. We have several prominent guests lined up for interviews to help shed light on various therapeutic topics ranging from joint manipulations, functional training, business ownership while being a clinician, sports rehab and much more. Our goal is to have YOU help guide the flow of information so please email us at therapyinsiders@gmail.com for any topic you would like covered or questions you may have.

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